Contact:  763-755-2412 for the updated tuition sheet. 

Payment Policy


PAYMENT IS DUE -- One week in advance.  Parents can pay every two weeks or monthly only if the payment is in advance.

VACATION AND HOLDING FEE -- Each child will be allowed two weeks (10 days) of vacation time per year with no charge. (Parttime children’s vacation days will be prorated.) For any time beyond that, a charge of 50% of normal weekly rate  will be required to hold your child's place (limit one week - can be used only if child is gone Monday through Friday of any week).  School age children who are latchkey rate for 9 months of the year will have 3 vacation days and 1 holding fee week during the summer months when they are enrolled full time.

ARREARS ACCOUNTS/LATE FEE  -- Effective January 1, 2011 a LATE FEE of $15 will be assessed on Wednesday if payment has not been made for that week.  The Director will notify the Board of Directors of any account that is over one week "past due."  The second time an account is in arrears and is reported to the Board, the family will be asked to leave.  If an account is two weeks past due, payment must be made before child can return to the Center.

FULL TIME CHILDREN --  Weekly tuition payments are due on Monday of the week that care is provided.  We allow an extra day before the late fee is assessed – all checks must be in the day care office by Tuesday night to avoid the late fee.  A check that we must hold does not count as payment for the week.

 PARTTIME CHILDREN – Weekly tuition payments are due on the first day of the week that your child attends.  We allow an extra day so your payment must be in the office by the evening of the second day your child attends to avoid the late fee.  A check that we must hold does not count as payment for the week.

RETURNED CHECKS -- A fee of $20 will be assessed when there is a returned check.  If there are more than two returned checks in a six month period, subsequent payments must be in cash or money order.

REGISTRATION FEE -- $65 per child payable one time only at the time of enrollment. $65 fee non-refundable after completion of pre-enrollment interview.  $35 registration fee for second child in family.

SECURITY DEPOSIT -- A deposit of two weeks' tuition ($434 for preschoolers, $496 for toddlers, $620 for infants, $224 for schoolagers) is required on the first day of attendance.  This deposit will be used for tuition payment the last two weeks that a child attends the Day Care Center.

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